Common F.A.Q’s


Is it only Bouldering?

  • No we have Top Rope and Lead climbs from 3+ to 8a and boulder problems from VB-V8. See our full list of facilities here

Can we just turn up?

  • In short, Yes! if you are a competent climber you can complete our competency test when signing in and go climbing on our day entry rates here. If you’re not a competent climber you can either book a session in advance with one of our instructors here, or you can just turn up and use our auto belay machines at £6 for 15 minutes per slot (subject to availability)

How do I become a competent climber?

  • By attending one our induction courses or by watching our bouldering induction video. This will allow you to come and boulder unsupervised provided you are over 18 and not planning on supervising and under 18’s yourself. If you want to learn to roped climb, you will need to book onto one of our beginners courses here

My son/daughter is under 18, can they climb on their own?

  • We require all under 18’s to be supervised by an instructor or a competent climber. The only exception to this rule is for 14-17 year olds who have completed an Unsupervised Access Test.

How many people can I supervise

  • As a competent climber you can supervised a maximum of 2 novices. The same is true if you are a parent supervising your kids on the Auto-Belay. If you are attending an instructed session this does not apply to you.

When will you be starting NICAS clubs?

  • Please head to our Youth page where you can sign up to our email list and check the latest information on clubs